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We've just added loads more vouchers! Check out the latest discount codes and our discount codes blog.

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Our guide to UK discount vouchers and discount codes is always expanding. We're produced a range of articles to help you understand the way in which discount vouchers work and how you can get the best out of this site.

We also included some guest contributions. The articles include a look at finding the latest discount vouchers, plus a discussion of what it means to have valid voucher codes.

It's our aim to provide shop discount codes and store voucher codes that will help you to save money when shopping online in the UK. Unlike some other discount voucher code sites, we don't charge for our discount code vouchers - check out our articles on free voucher codes and free discount codes for further information.

If you're still having any problems then many people have found our highlighted article on finding valid voucher codes to be of use.

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Discount vouchers and discount codes

The whole subject of discount vouchers and discount codes can be confusing if you're not used to the terminology. For starters, what's the difference between a discount voucher and a discount code?

In reality, there is no difference - the two terms both mean exactly the same thing. You may also have heard other terms used to explain the same concept - these might typically include discount voucher codes, online discount codes, shop discount codes, promotional discount codes and uk discount vouchers.

They all mean the same thing. They were all introduced by UK retailers as a means of helping UK shoppers to save money online and to encourage customer loyalty. The thought is that customers who make savings because of discount vouchers are likely to return and to use the same store again.

Discount vouchers are almost always made available free of charge. Unfortunately, some websites will charge users in order to access them. We don't believe this is fair, which is why we make all discount codes freely available. If you know of a discount that is not shown on Offer UK then please let us know about it - we try to include every uk voucher and promotional code that we possibly can.

UK discount codes

Check out the latest information on UK discount codes, including a discussion on using UK discount codes. Our Christmas discount codes advice has also provided popular with many UK shoppers, with handy hints on finding discount vouchers online.

Shopping online in the UK

Our features on the best online clothes shops and how to beat the credit crunch with shopping are proving particularly popular at the moment. We also have our list of the top 10 shopping tools here in the UK. Don't forget that you can use our shopping directory to track down even more retailers and deals.