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Travel Discount Codes

Travel is an extremely competitive area for UK retailers. Whether you are looking for a package holiday, or for more of an independent booking experience, you're likely to find a wide range of options available.

Looking to buy an online deal?

Booking your holiday, flights or accommodation online can be a great way to save money. If you're stuck on where to start when it comes to booking then check out our excellent list of travel companies currently offering great deals.

UK Hotel Discounts

Looking for discounts that you can use when booking breaks at hotels within the UK? We have a number of great UK hotel operators to choose from. Hotel Shop are particularly good if you're looking for a last minute break in the UK. Want something cheap from a chain with great nationwide coverage? Premier Travel Inn discounts can offer exactly that.

For those looking for a bit more luxury, the Legacy Hotels inventory of hotels is particularly impressive.

For a range of options, you can't go far wrong with We like their regular sale days, which are well worth looking out for. We've had hotel accommodation from as low as £10 per night thanks to these exclusive deals at bargain prices.

Discount prices for summer

Looking for summer sun? There are numerous holidays available at low prices and it's likely that you'll have heard of many of the companies offering such deals.

For package holidays from big names, check out what's on offer from Cosmos, Direct Holidays and Going Places - plus Thomas Cook!

Which other companies are active in this area? We reckon that Alpha Rooms offer some great deals, whether you're looking to book an entire package holiday, or simply to sort out your accommodation. There are plenty of other companies that are strong when it comes to accommodation-only holidays.

If you've already decided on a trip to Italy then Authentic Italy may offer a good starting point. La Manga Club offer some excellent deals at their Spanish resort, while Apartments Abroad have excellent coverage throughout Europe and further afield.

But our deals don't stop there! You can also check out what's on offer from British Airways, Roc Hotels, Hotels Viva and many more travel companies online.

In This Section: Travel Retailers

The travel retailers listed here include:

Alpha Rooms, Authentic Italy, Cosmos, Direct Holidays and Going Places.

Flexibility can save you money

One thing to bear in mind when booking a holiday, flight or hotel stay is that flexibility can really reduce your costs. If you can avoid travelling at the most popular times, then you could make some significant savings.

Travel discounts

Read more, with our advice on holiday discount codes. We also have specific information on hotel discount codes, with special sections looking at Spain and Italy.