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Next are one of the UK's most familiar high street brands. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their internet offering also has a loyal following.


Next UK Offers

The Next end of season sale is currently running, meaning that you can save at least 50% on many items of:

  • Womenswear
  • Menswear
  • Childrenswear
  • Homeware

To find out the latest sale prices, check out the official Next website.

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How do they rate?

There can barely be a UK resident who has not heard of Next. As one of the biggest names on the high street, Next have a great following and a massive reputation.

So, how does their online store measure up to its rivals?

To a large extent, that depends on how you view the high street store. If you're a fan of their shops, then you're almost guaranteed to love their online offering. If you've never been convinced by the Next experience, then Next online is unlikely to change your mind.

We particularly like the idea of being able to shop online for items, as it can often save making a specific journey to a Next store.

From our reviewers

So where do you begin when talking about such a massive high street name? Fortunately, the fact that you probably have one of these stores within your own town, means that they need no great introduction.

You may well be familiar with the style of clothes that are sold in store and feel that you have a good knowledge of their fashion choices and accessories.

But our reviewers were quite surprised by the range of items available online. Maybe we've just not spent enough time in a particular Next store lately!

There's obviously an extensive range of clothes, available for both men and women. The choice available for children was considerably more comprehensive than might have been expected.

One of the advantages of online retailing is that stores aren't restricted in quite the same way by a lack of space on the "shop floor". In this case, this is reflected by the number of kids clothing items and shoes that are on display on the website. It seemed to us that there's more listed here than is found in a typical high street location.

There's also more room to display the full range of homeware options. High street locations may be limited in terms of size and it's these bulkier items that are often missed out. Here, there's the ability to look at them in considerably more detail.

So there are plenty of reasons for a thumbs up! We're talking about an online store that is obviously aiming to give consumers more choice. That is, in our humble view, rarely a bad thing.

So what did we think of the Internet specifics?

Well, navigation's pretty easy, with categories currently listed at the top of the website on a single menu.

What about the dreaded delivery costs? Regular readers will doubtless be aware that we get concerned by the thought of seeing hidden charges. So how did we look at things here?

Well, there's a big offer currently being shown on the main page, listing delivery tomorrow if you order by 9pm tonight. We'll just stop a moment there and say that's impressive - few retailers have the ability to guarantee those sort of delivery times in our experience. We'd welcome your views on whether they are actually living up to that promise.

Clicking on the details of the offer, we were taken to a page showing more information on deliveries. This included information on Christmas order times (which was relevant when we were looking).

But those costs were hidden away. Come on retailers - we want to see them listed nice and clearly!

In this case, we were able to identify that it was £3.99 for Next Day Delivery. You could also pay £2.99 to get your item delivered to your nearest store - presumably a good offer if you find something online that's not stocked in store? We would assume that it would be possible to get it delivered to the store free of charge, but this may be payment relating to a faster delivery.

As ever, more information on deliveries and costs would be useful.

Are there alternatives?

The UK clothing sector is massive and you won't be surprised to hear that there are plenty of alternative options available.

Many stores that are in competition with Next on the high street can also be found online, including River Island and Laura Ashley.

They also have competition from some of the large catalogue stores. Look out for Empire Stores, Littlewoods Direct and French retailer La Redoute.