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Music, DVD and Entertainment

Fed up with paying too much for CDs and DVDs in high street shops? Many UK consumers have turned to internet retailers as a cheaper source of entertainment options.

By using discount codes and vouchers, you can obtain even lower prices from some of the UK's leading online entertainment retailers.

Discount retailers

The entertainment sector was one of the first to take off online. This was largely due to the fact that prices seemed so much lower online.

A general feeling among UK consumers that we were paying more than consumers overseas seemed to be confirmed when online retailers were able to drop prices considerably.

The result of the online retailers' actions has been that many traditional, high street stores have been forced to respond by dropping their prices.

Despite those price drops, many consumers remain committed to buying online. Such an approach is driven by a belief that prices remain lower online, which certainly often appears to be the case.

There is also the convenience of shopping online, meaning that discount entertainment retailers are here to stay.

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The entertainment retailers listed here include:

Dixons Entertainment and The Hut

Digital downloads

Many online stores have been looking to respond to the growth in digital downloads by trying to reduce prices. Pricing pressures are likely to see further falls in recent months.

If you're intending on listening to music via an MP3 player and you're unlikely to ever wish to use a physical CD format, then this is certainly something that's worth considering.