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Home and Garden

Home and Garden covers a wide range of products. Make use of online retailers to get the best possible discounts. In some areas, you could save up to 75% by shopping online.

Niche Products

The Home and Garden section is a perfect example of where retailers operating in relatively small niches can really come into their own.

Sometimes large retailers seem to offer a wide range of goods but don't have quite what you need. This is where smaller, specialist stores can come into their own.

Examples of niche stores that we have listed and reviewed include Blueshoots and Raw Garden.

Blueshoots specialise in goods for the home and they offer an amazing range of kitchen items. You'll find everything you need, from appliances to pots and pans.

Raw Garden take the same approach to the outdoors. They're perfect if you're looking to breathe new life into your garden. Check out their offers on outdoor heating and lighting - make the most of outdoor space.

Bathroom Deals Online

We currently have the following retailers listed who could be of interest to you if you are looking for bathroom products:

B & Q
Bathroom Heaven
Big Bathroom Shop
Brighter Bathrooms
Click Bathrooms
Tap Centre
Trade Plumbing
UK Bathroom Store
World Of Baths

All of our bathroom retailers are listed in the main bathroom discounts section of Offer UK.

Furniture Sales Increase

The online furniture sector has been a big growth area in the past 18 months or so. This is not surprising, since bulky items of this nature are ideally suited to the operations of many retailers.

Some consumers worry about not being able to touch or feel the product before making a purchase, although this is not necessarily as much of an issue as it seems. Many firms will now send out fabric and material samples to your home address.

The likes of Pine Solutions and Oak Furniture Land offer discount prices on a great range of furniture.

Gardening Equipment

Gardening equipment is another big area for online retailers, partly driven by the fact that gardening tools are often very expensive in high street stores.

Don't forget that retailers are also well placed to sell other items, such as garden furniture, plants and BBQ accessories.

Childrens Accessories

Our features on Bambino Direct and the Mimi Air Buggy take a closer look at pushchairs, prams and other accessories for babies and children. There is real value to be found from buying such products online - by taking advantage of the latest discounts you could look to make some significant savings.

In This Section: Retailers

The home and garden retailers listed here include:

Littlewoods, Next, True Shopping, Blueshoots, Fireplace World and Raw Garden.