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HMV are the high street music and entertainment retailer who now offer a substantial online presence.


HMV Offers Online

Make great savings at HMV with our offers:

  • Chart CDs from £3.99. With the latest sale prices from HMV online you can get hold of some great music at low prices.
  • DVDs from £2.99. The latest offers on a wide range of DVDs, including Disney films. Find out more about these brilliant deals at HMV.
  • Up to 80% off. Check out the latest sale offers from HMV to save up to 80% when you shop online.

To use the offers, simply enter the HMV store and shop online.

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What our reviewers think

This is a company that seems to have been in the news a lot in recent months - and not always for the right reasons. Depending on the people that you listen to, it appears that there are complaints that the company are failing to offer consumers what they want. So how would we find HMV's online retail operation?

The first thing to say is that there are few surprises here. With some big high street names that have transferred to the online world, there's the occasional raised eyebrow as you realise that they sell many more products online than is possible in an old-style style.

But we've never noticed a particular shortage of stock in local stores. Since CDs, DVDs and video games don't tend to take up too much room (individually) on the shelves, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. The online selection is equally comprehensive.

Looking at some of our favourite bands, for instance, we were able to identify a decent selection, including all of their albums. Even lesser known bands and singers were pretty well represented. Are stock problems an issue for the company? If they are, they weren't clear to our reviewers.

How about pricing? Some of these products tend to be very price-sensitive for consumers. Taking our first album (The Rocky Road, by Damien Dempsey) as an example, we found HMV listing the price as £11.99 (with free delivery). The same album was listed on Amazon at £7.99 (also with free delivery). An unfair comparison? Popular in Ireland, Dempsey has attracted little mainstream attention in the UK.

How about Noel Gallagher's debut album as a solo artist? Listed at £8.99 on HMV, it was available at the exact the same price on Amazon.

It seems that you may not always get the cheapest deal here, but you're not necessarily paying more either. In short, it makes sense to shop around and compare prices.

Delivery is free in the UK. That's something that we can all enjoy!

Are there alternatives?

Yes! There are numerous companies selling music and DVDs online. Check out our entertainment listings for more details.

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