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Dixons Entertainment

Dixons Entertainment sell a wide range of CDs, DVDs, Books and Games at discount prices.



Dixons Entertainment UK Offers

Want to get the prices from Dixons Entertainment? Make use of our offers to save money, including details of free delivery:

To make the most of these savings, shop with Dixons Entertainment online.


Dixons Vouchers

Previous offers and voucher codes from Dixons:

  • 5% off on Washing Machines, Washer Dryers, Dishwashers over £249. Enter code WASH5 at Dixons Entertainment online. Expiry Date: 16 February 2010.
  • 5% off on Freestanding Cookers and Built-in-Ovens over £149. Enter code COOK5 at Dixons Entertainment online. Expiry Date: 16 February 2010.
  • 5% off on Fridge Freezers, Chest Freezers, and Side by Side Fridge Freezers over £249. Enter code COOL5 at Dixons Entertainment online. Expiry Date: 16 February 2010.
  • 3% off on All TVs. Enter code 3TV at Dixons Entertainment online. Expiry Date: 16 February 2010.

How do they rate?

With DVDs priced from under £4 and with CD prices often reduced by more than 50%, Dixons Entertainment represents a serious play for the CD and DVD market by Dixons.

Their website is simple to use and neatly set up. Indeed, when it comes to CDs and DVDs, we feel that the most important thing is that prices are kept low and that delivery is prompt.

With free delivery and low prices, Dixons Entertainment should be able to compete with the more established players.

Whether they can compete in the longer term with websites offering digital downloads will be a key test for the future.

For now, we suggest that you take advantage of the low prices.

Our reviewers say...

Are you a bit confused about Dixons? We sometimes are - for starters, they seemed to disappear from the high street, being replaced by Currys. But it's all part of the same group (which includes PC World too) and it soon becomes clear that Dixons is still alive and kicking in the online world.

So, with that confusion hopefully (kind of) cleared up, let's take a look at what they have to offer!

Lots - or so it seems to us! Many of the products that they sell are relatively bulky (think TV sets, washing machines and dishwashers), which means that an Internet store brings many advantages.

For starters, there's more on display here than would ever be possible in most of the old stores. Since we're fans of choice, this is a good thing. We also feel that many of their products are perfect for buying online - do you really need to see a dishwasher in the flesh, for example, before making your purchase? Although some might disagree, we're happy to buy online and get it delivered direct to our home - just so long as we can find out about all of the features before doing so.

So we looked at a random product. Since you ask, it was the Essentials C510WM11 Washing Machine. We're sure that you're familiar with it! We took a look at the model in white. What did we find?

Firstly, we noticed that there are a number of photos, allowing you to take a good look at the model from all angles. This was almost as good as seeing it in store. In fact, in the case of a washing machine, most of what you want to look at tends to be at the front. There were close-up pictures of the drawers (where you stick your washing liquid and conditioner) and the main controls (where you choose your washing program). We liked that.

There was also a lot of detail on the specifications of the machine. They seemed to have taken care to provide all of the information that you might need - allowing you to compare this model with potential alternatives.

Indeed, there was also a little section at the bottom of the page of suggested alternatives (in fact, these were machines that other people had chosen to buy apparently). Best of all, there was information on getting it delivered (and installed).

But the link through to pricing and potential delivery times wasn't as clear as it could be.

Once there, we found that large deliveries are handled by a company called Knowhow. Apparently, you can usually select delivery slots (which are 4 hours each in length). These are listed on the site as:

7am - 11am
9am - 1pm
11am - 3pm
1pm - 5pm
3pm - 7pm

You do have to pay extra (£5) to select one of these 4-hour slots. Otherwise, it's free if you're happy to wait, but it seems that deliveries may take more than a week.

For small items, standard delivery is free and takes 3-5 working days.

There are also some terms and conditions to be aware of, relating to deliveries and old items - worth reading those before placing your order, just to avoid any surprises.

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So, let us know what you think. Have you bought from this store previously? Would you use them again? Were the discount codes useful? Are some of the discount codes no longer valid?

Let us know by adding your own comments.

Are there alternatives?


The difficulty here isn't in finding companies that sell DVDs and CDs - there are so many of them that the problem is often finding out which offer the best deals.

In terms of their rivals, you could check out HMV online and The Hut.