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Direct Holidays

Direct Holidays sell package holidays, with discounts of up to 15% when compared to high street alternatives.



Direct Holidays Online Offers

At the present time they are running a promotion for Summer 2008 holidays. Known as the Long Hot Summer Sale, the offer includes:

  • Holidays from as little as £115
  • Incredibly small deposits. Pay just £30 to secure your holiday booking
  • Free places for children
  • Guaranteed savings of £100

Take advantage of their offer by checking out the latest deals shown online at their official website - Direct Holidays.

How do they rate?

With a simple website, it's easy to search for deals using Direct Holidays. Their prices are extremely competitive, often meaning that you can make significant savings when compared to their high street competitors.

They specialise in package holidays and are well targeted for those looking for family holidays.

If you're looking for more of an independent experience, then some of their competitors may offer better alternatives.

Are there alternatives?

The UK travel sector operates on a grand scale, with numerous companies competing for our travel spending.

One person's idea of holiday heaven could be another's holiday hell, so it can be difficult to compare operators.

Direct competition for Direct Holidays comes from the likes of Cosmos and Going Places.

If you're looking for holidays of a different type, then there are numerous other options available. Worldwide hotel room bookings can be made via Alpha Rooms.

For specific holiday destinations, there are a number of companies who can help. Authentic Italy are a good starting point if you're looking for accommodation in Italy.