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Top quality clothing is now available for the whole family at discount prices, with Boden online.


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Save money with our Boden offers:

To take advantage of these offers, simply enter the Boden online store. See more offers online at the store.

Our reviewers thoughts

Boden are an interesting brand and one that has undoubtedly been able to grow as a result of the demand for online shopping opportunities. They launched online back in 1999, but didn't have a physical store until 5 years later.

This is a retailer that is immersed in the world of online shopping. As such, we expect them to do things well!

So, no pressure guys!

Looking at their home page, the first thing that we spot is that they are advertising discount pricing. The deal is this: get 10% off, plus free delivery and returns, or 15% off when you spend £120 or more (plus free delivery and returns).

There's also a small banner at the top of the page, reminding you how much more you need to spend in order to get that 15% discount.

What about the products? These are largely divided into 3 core selections: womenswear, menswear and kids. The latter range appears to have become increasingly popular in recent years. So what do they have to set them apart?

Of course, when it comes to online clothing retailers, many people's views on whether or not they are "good" may well depend on the type of clothing on offer. Does it suit your look? Do you view it as being fashionable?

Our own thoughts on their range are that they offer strong, fashionable options. We also feel that pricing is reasonable. We like their Outfit Maker (currently aimed at women only), which allows you to check how different purchases look together. It's a great idea and something of a substitute for actually being able to try on a number of garments in a changing room.

There are also fit and style guides. Many of these ideas are clearly aimed at helping consumers to overcome problems associated with not being able to actually "see" items prior to buying. But, if things don't go according to plan, you're likely to have a sudden interest in the returns policy.

Looking at their returns policy, it appears that the current free offer is a promotion and is not the normal approach - it's the same with deliveries too. We couldn't see any reference to the usual cost of returning an item.

For deliveries, the usual cost (during periods when they are not running a promotion) is £4 (based on 3-5 working days). If you want it more quickly, it's £6 (based on 2-3 working days), or a more hefty £8 for Express Delivery (signature required; estimated at 1-2 working days). We weren't particularly convinced by the value offered by the latter deal, so we're hoping that they stick with their promotional rates!

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So, let us know what you think. Have you bought from this store previously? Would you use them again? Were the discount codes useful? Are some of the discount codes no longer valid?

Let us know by adding your own comments.

Are there alternatives?

Yes! There are numerous companies selling clothing items online. Check out our clothing listings for more details.

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