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Blueshoots sell quality items for the home, from the finest kitchen accessories to durable cleaning equipment.



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Take advantage of the latest offers available from Blueshoots when you shop online.

  • FREE delivery for orders over £50. This discount is automatically applied at the checkout when you spend more than £50 at Blueshoots. Click here to start shopping.

To make the most of Blueshoots offers, shop online at their store. More offers are available at the online store.

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How do they rate?

If you're looking for quality homeware, then our reviewers reckon that there aren't many better shops online than Blueshoots.

They carry a large product range, with much of it being associated with handy items that you need in the kitchen.

Their range of cookware is extremely extensive. Take your pick from products endorsed by leading chefs, including Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and James Martin.

Their tea and coffee sets have also proved a big hit.

Blueshoots is a store that seems to combine elegance with convenience. It's not easy to pull this trick off, but they appear to have managed it.

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Are there alternatives?

The homeware sector is one that is increasing in size online. We reckon that Blueshoots offer an excellent user experience, with their specialisation in kitchen items.

There are other alternatives available online. Littlewoods also have an extensive range of items for the home and it should not be forgotten that Next sell homeware, as well as their wider known clothing items.

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