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Not heard of Alpha Rooms? They are the discount hotel specialists, offering massive savings when you book hotel rooms online.

Book right now and receive a discount of up to 40%.


Alpharooms Offers Online

You could save up to 40% by booking online today with Alpha Rooms.

Book early for your next summer or winter holiday in order to take advantage of their discounted rates.

You can take advantage of these deals by visiting the official Alpha Rooms website.

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How do they rate?

Having branched out into flights and holiday deals, it's clear that this travel company are an expanding brand. They offer a wide range of destinations, both within Europe and further afield. Some of their most popular destinations include leading Mediterranean resorts, offering holiday-makers from the UK the chance to catch some summer sun.

They offer competitive deals on a wide range of beach resorts, including the likes of Albufeira, Antalya, Benidorm, Corfu, Crete, Ibiza, Magaluf, Palmanova, Rhodes and Salou.

For those looking to travel outside of Europe, check out what they have to offer on discount bookings in North American cities. As you might expect, they have a strong inventory of hotels in the United States, with our reviewers noting that they were offering more than 300 hotel packages in New York alone. You'll also find plenty of places to stay in many other top city destinations, including Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Our reviewers have generally found that it is their core business that represents great value for money: hotel room bookings.

With a worldwide selection of hotels available, the website offering is particularly good for those looking for a bit more flexibility.

While package holidays can offer excellent value, they are not for everyone. If you're looking to book independently, then this travel provider are certainly competitive.

Travel arrangements online

How do you feel about making your travel arrangements online? The online travel sector has clearly been a growth area online and it's fair to say that many UK consumers have been quick to embrace the latest trends.

There have been a number of distinct factors driving this growth. As with many other areas of Internet purchasing, it's vital that some great deals can be purchased in this way. It helps, of course, that it's possible to compare prices so easily. The Internet brings a level of transparency that simply wasn't there before.

But there's more to booking travel online than simply looking for cheap deals. For independent travellers, it's clear that the opportunity to create a flexible travel experience is at the heart of the move to book an increasing amount of travel via the web. In short, many of us have become tired with the same old holidays to the same old places. We want something new and we want to dictate our own approach.

This is where specialist travel companies really come into their own.

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Are there alternatives?

In a word: yes!

There are numerous companies offering deals within the travel sector.

Leading firms include established brand names, such as Going Places and Cosmos.

Whether such companies can compete with this online travel specialist on the core business of independent hotel bookings remains to be seen.

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Albufeira Amsterdam Athens Barcelona Benidorm Brussels Budapest Menorca Paphos