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Offer UK provides a wealth of information on UK retailers. You can check out our reviews and guides to online stores that sell direct to UK consumers.

Our reviews rely on a mixture of inputs. Our specialists and mystery shoppers take an objective look at UK stores. When we carry out a review, or a mystery shop, we look for stores that offer a good range of items.

We also take a keen interest in prices and in the format of the store. We figure that a good online experience should make shopping as simple as possible.

Of course, we can't manage to know everything about every store in the UK. That's where you come in!

We rely on visitors to the site to keep us updated. That means that we want to hear from you.

If you have information on a store, or on individual offers, then your information could help other consumers.

To provide us with information, you can either contact us via email, or alternatively use our simple form to send us review details.

In return for your input, we're able to provide all our users with the latest information on discounts. In particular, our vouchers and discount codes can help you to make significant savings when shopping online.