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Why pay more than you have to?

Many consumers have started to realise that buying online is a great way to save money. We know that by using online retailers, rather than visiting high street stores, it's possible to make some massive savings.

When combined with the discount codes listed online, you could make savings of up to 75% online on a range of products and services, from holidays abroad to tools that help with your gardening.

Using discount codes

Are you baffled by the way that discount codes work? You needn't be - they're actually pretty simple.

If you are intending on shopping online, then check our listings to see if the shop that you want to use is listed.

If they are, you'll find details of any discount codes on the specific page for that retailer.

To take advantage of the discount:

  • Click on the big green GET A DISCOUNT NOW button on that page
  • The store should now open in a new window
  • Shop as you would usually do
  • When you get to the checkout page on the store, enter the discount code that you wish to use
  • Your order should then be updated to reflect the discount
  • Then complete your transaction as you would usually do

...and that's all there is to it. A simple way to save money online. Don't forget to bookmark this website - you could be making even more savings in the future.

Having Problems?

Our users do report occasional problems. Here are some typical issues and how you can get around them:

There doesn't seem to be anywhere to enter the discount code on the retailer's checkout page

It may be that the retailer refers to the discount code by another name.

Check to see if there is an appropriate box labelled as code, discount code, discount voucher, voucher code, redeem voucher, redeem code or something similar.

The code doesn't work

Unfortunately, retailers do sometimes change codes, or stop them altogether. If the code doesn't work, then see if we have any alternatives listed. If not, check back here regularly.

Some codes require you to make a minimum spend - check to see whether this is causing the problem.

We'd also appreciate it if you'd let us know, so that our website is up to date.